About Us

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Khushboo Sharma - Founder & CEO of bytetag started this venture 2 years back, having hands on experience in UI/UX Design and Front End Development she have built more than 50 beautiful, responsive and functional websites.

We love creating websites, all our projects are our favourite.

Management comes after the website launch and we monitor websites night and day. Websites! An awesome single word that represents all that is happening online and plenty of it too with global businesses that customers initially selected through the website portal.

The power of a challenging website design with all the stuff in the right places can well be imagined. Thousands of glittering websites take the breath away each day. We put it all together in one all conquering design to boost business prospects the right way with up to date advanced features amidst the stressful competition. Alternatively, ailing websites could be furbished and put back on their feet with a new lease of life. We do provide comprehensive services to forge a business identity and start the ball rolling with domain names, hosting services, SEO, SMO and reputation management.

Online marketing strategies should inevitably go hand in hand with social and print media, we do brochures and business cards too, and some wise people include television and radio advertising. The size of the business and the opportunities would decide the extent. Certain it is that websites attract global interaction and the proverbial few seconds would decide if surfers bite the bait. Updating and upgrading, adding further materials in due course of time would work like a breeze in a never ending partnership with our support.

Let the website allure vividly in a dream sequence with closely matched images, video and text besides easy navigation and interaction even for the novice. Websites grow with time as the business prospers in a never ending spiral with some luck and dedication, management, and finance besides the ‘wow’ factor. Let intuition insert a little bit of mystery in the realm of fantasy that the online world represents.

ByteTag knows where your online business is going. Tell us your plans and we will design the path into the future.